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15 March 2010

VooDoo AND Stumptown!

Since my last visit to VooDoo Doughnuts was unsuccessful -- line length to attention span ratio was too great -- I decided to try again. I had it on good authority that their maple bacon bar was a necessity of life. Necessity of life means waiting in line!

While waiting in line at VooDoo, not only was I told that I look like Kelly Preston, but I also learned that they perform weddings at Voodoo! Apparently one of the guys there is licensed to. So keep in mind that if you ever want to get married, you could do so -- under a gigantor doughnut replica.

I purchased a maple bacon bar, and a voodoo doll. Although they sell Stumptown coffee on site at VooDoo Doughnuts, I wanted to swing by the actual Stumptown for a sit-down experience. Once again, great barista with mad milk-pouring skillz, absoballylutely excellent coffee! It went perfetly with my bacon and maple.

Sadly, I seem to have left my voodoo child at the bead store I stopped by on the way home. I hope someone eats him! However, this is a perfect excuse to go back to VooDoo in the very near future.

Maple Bacon Bar: 2.5
VooDoo Doll: 1.3
Stumptown Cappuccino: 3

p.s. VooDoo only takes cash -- so either have some at the ready, or remember to use the ATM (it's right inside the door)
before it's your turn to order! Or else you'll look like an idiot. I personally tested this method out for your benefit.

p.p.s I don't really look like Kelly Preston.


monica said...

i love your blog.

i recently moved from oregon to iowa, and i really miss portland.

especially stumpdown....the coffee there is my favorite.

i can't wait to read more

PDX Glutton said...

Thank you! It really is the best coffee, isn't it? I'd send you some if I could! :)

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