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05 March 2010

Trader Joe's: Chile Spiced Mangos

I went into the chip aisle to get, well, chips -- and came out with these things. They sounded intriguing. And they are, but holy moly, are they a whole lot of intriguing!

My unprepared mouth was assaulted at first -- it caught on fire, and started smoking. Maybe this was because I put an entire mango slice in my mouth at once.

I worked up the courage the next day to try again, knowing what could arise, and they were much better behaved. Dusted with paprika and cayenne pepper, these slices have a very slight saltiness to them. The mango is only mildly sweet, and what comes out is a really unique flavor combo!

I would recommend them highly, with a "take small bites!" caution.

Chile Spiced Mangos @ Trader Joe's: 2 (approx)


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