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26 July 2011

Skamania Lodge

All right, so it's not exactly Portland. Heck, it's not even Oregon. But these pancakes were too gorgeous (no pun intended) and too delicious not to blog.

So I went to a bluegrass festival this last weekend in Stevenson, WA. I love this festival, I've been going to it since I was eight years old. Friday morning my camp mates and I decided to take a little walk, and eat at Skamania Lodge. I ordered these raspberry granola pancakes that came with cinnamon butter.

There's nothing quite like waking up after a night of jamming, taking a little jaunt, and eating fresh raspberry pancakes with a view of the Columbia Gorge on a sunny summer day. I think I may just do this again next year!

15 July 2011

Bagdad Pub: take II

Hawthorne is one of my favorite places in Portland thus far, so I tend to go there often. The Bagdad is such a great place, too. I love the open seating area, which is perfect for people watching, and catching an evening breeze.

Walnut pomegranate dip was the deciding factor on tonight's menu. Three Faces of Eve comes with fresh-grilled flatbread, the aforementioned dip, feta-yogurt dip, and hummus, along with olives and pickled veggies. The feta-yogurt was absolutely scrumptious.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture - I only had my phone camera on me!

06 July 2011

Mickey Finn's

Impromptu after work dining!

I've never been to Mickey Finn's, even though it's so close. Today was one of those days where you just need... a grilled cheese sandwich. And that is exactly what I had.

It was pretty tasty.