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28 March 2010


As you get off the bus on the corner of NE Fremont and 42nd Ave, you are often haunted by the warm, baked pizza scent - it wafts across the parking lot, seeking people out, I swear!

I finally gave in to the aroma, and decided to check out the source: Pizzicato Pizza.

I had a delicious slice of a daily special: pesto Parmesan! It had a pesto sauce, with mozzarella cheese, strips of spinach, and jalapenos, I believe. It was mildly spicy, and very crispy.

Pizzicato, in addition to having great pizza, gives back to the neighborhood! They have a "Dough for Dollars" program, which gives 20% of a day's sales to participating Portland-area schools! Last year they gave over $46,000!

They also have bio-degradable cups (like the one in the photo) which are made out of recycled plant material, and they can be composted/recycled again! In my cup you see fresh strawberry lemonade!

Pizza: 3 (approx, /slice)
Lemonade: 2.5


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