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28 February 2010

Let me introduce you to: the hazelnut!

I grew up with hazelnuts. I remember the times as kids when my sister and I would slave away, pounding at them with hammers on the back porch, all so we could have a bowl full of them on the counter, instead of M&M's. They're healthier, or something.

But as it is -- we Oregonians produce a lot of hazelnuts. Minus the child labor. ;) After the hazelnuts are harvested, you can eat them. Hazelnuts can be roasted, toasted, baked, chopped, crunched, munched, ground, sweetened, fermented, gobbled, scarfed, smothered with chocolate, and devoured.

Did you know that Oregon is one of the largest producers of hazelnuts
in the world? It's just ahead of our neighbor, Washington, and second only to Turkey!

Here's what we do with them: Nutella, Hazelnut torte, hazelnut banana bread, hazelnut loaf, praline, hazelnut butter, hazelnut mochas, hazelnut oil, hazelnut gelato, biscotti, martinis, and much, much more!

Here are some PDX places that feature hazelnuts: Pix Patisserie (torte), Two Tarts Bakery, Lovejoy Bakers, Little Red Bike Cafe, 23Hoyt, Beast Restaurant, Nel Centro, Accanto (hazelnut-encrusted duck), and Tina's Restaurant (salmon spring rolls with spicy hazelnut sauce)! That last one's in Dundee -- decide if it's worth it!

25 February 2010


I know Starbucks is not a new concept for people, but how can you blog about Portland drinkery without it??

I LOVE STARBUCKS. I cannot begin to gush enough about it. Their coffee is the best. Try their peppermint mocha. I tried it one Christmas, and I've been hooked for years! Their chai lattes are delectably spicy, and their scones are delicious. If you haven't tried their Cranberry Bliss Bar, go do so now!

On top of great coffee and scrumptious pastries, Starbucks is pretty much the least-evil corporation ever. They really put back into into the world. They use fair trade coffees that support farmers and ensure quality, organic coffee. They support people in need by donating proceeds for things like Ethos Water, and they are committed to the conservation of the earth, through communities like the African Wildlife Foundation, Conservation International, and scientific studies like Earthwatch International.

All in all, great coffee, great food, great company. And there's one on every corner. :)

24 February 2010

Moonstruck Chocolate: pt. 1

Oh, divine chocolate!

I happened upon Moonstruck Chocolate today as I waltzed down "Trendy-third" street in NW Portland, looking for employment (I found some in the gutter, but it was stuck). Dad and I decided to take a look. After mulling over the little chocolate mice and rabbits, the miniature pyramids, the golden flakes, the dark chocolate ribbons, the cream cones, and the sparkling white globes, nestled into their displays, we decided: Conquistador Hazelnut Praline for Dad, Raspberry Chambord Truffle for me. The guy insisted we have a free sample, too -- Clear Creek Pear Brandy Truffle.

This is called "Moonstruck Chocolate: part 1" for a reason. I suspect a few (hundred) parts to follow!

The Raspberry Chambord was, as I'd imagined, the best. Firstly, it was adorable, since it had a little pink flower sprinkle at the very top centre, and secondly, it had more berry flavor than chocolate, which is exactly how things should be in the world. More berries, more chocolate. Or something like that. :)

The Pear Brandy grew on me. At first, it seemed like it had too much brandy (couldn't hold it's drink, huh?) but after a few seconds, the chocolate kicked in, and I realized that they must have set it on a perfect timer or something, because it was an awesome experience!

Sorry I didn't take photos, The chocolates were half-masticated by the time I remembered. ;)

Raspberry Chambord Truffle: 2 (approx)
Conquistador Hazelnut Praline: 2 (approx)
(Free Sample) Clear Creek Pear Brandy Truffle: free, duh! Thank you, to the shaggy dark-haired guy who works at MSC on NW 23rd!

22 February 2010

Rovente Pizzeria

I wanted pizza. Ever since I'd passed that first pizzeria early in the day. Plus, job hunting is hard work, right? So, by the time I convinced Dad that it was time to be hungry, our canvassing turned into pizzeria hunting. The first one available, preferably. This was Rovente Pizzeria on SW 4th.

I got a slice of their Chicken Delizia. It was pretty good, with feta, onions, and tomatoes, but the best part was that my $3 slice was
gigantic! They also offered a Greek Al Forno pizza, BBQ Chicken, Formaggio, and everything in between. I would definitely recommend it!

Per slice: 2.5 - 3.5
Per pizza: 12 (approx.)

21 February 2010

Mio Gelato

A sunny Saturday morning spent visiting the Japanese Gardens can only be followed by having gelato.

So we went to Mio Gelato, on NE Brazee St. We ordered paninis first, partly because we were hungry, and partly to give us more time to decide which flavors of gelato we wanted! Black Forest Ham, and Chicken. The chicken one had red peppers and avocado -- perfect!

And the gelato. After four different samples and many, many minutes staring at the swirled masses of white and brown and pink and yellow and green delights, I decided on a double-header of Italian Sweet Cream, and Strawberry. The sweet cream was what vanilla usually boasts: light and sweet. And the strawberry -- oh, the strawberry! -- sorbet had
real strawberry parts in it! Imagine! :)

Panini: 5.9 (ea)
Gelato: 3-5 (or pints for 7, quarts 14)

19 February 2010

Alameda Brewhouse

The Alameda Brewhouse is cherished by the locals of NE Portland, from its cheery interior to its monster-sized hop strobile, beautifully crafted of metal, which graces the facade of the pub.

At the Alameda Brewhouse, they have superb salmon. Three of my party of four got a dish of it. I fell for the salmon tortellini -- which was a buttery-delicious delight! The salmon was perfect -- it tasted like my great-grandfather had just walked across its back -- that is, fresh and untainted.

I tried a sip of their house cherry ale. I didn't end up getting it (I'm afraid I'm not one for beer). But the smell was incredible -- like cherries! And the flavor was pretty light, and sweet. Their strawberry lemonade was pretty good, though, and they have an extensive selection of mixed drinks, both chilled and hot.

I'll be back!

Onion Rings: 7.9
Salmon Tortellini: 15 (approx.)
Lemonade: 2.5

16 February 2010

Fish Tacos with Cousins!

This is why I moved to Portland! No, not fish tacos. Family! Though fish tacos don't hurt. :)

My older cousins invited me to their apartment, that they share with each other and their husbands (isn't that nice of them?), to have dinner and chat. It's a beautiful apartment near PSU, and I'm jealous. :) I helped them chop veggies, and enjoyed a myriad of marital and sibling banter about everything from the (too) spiciness of the pico de gallo to "whose old piece of bread is
still sitting in the oven??" Quite entertaining.

They put out (despite multiple comments about "never cooking") Baked white fish our grandpa would be proud of, a spicy pico de gallo of tomato, cilantro, lime, beans, and peppers, mayo sauce with lime and peppers, and sour cream and avocados to top it off! "I'm so glad you came to visit," one of my cousins-in-law said. Me too! :)

I know that doesn't help the general populous, but it was definitely a meal worth mentioning! :)

14 February 2010



I am the PDX Glutton. I usually keep a political blog called Whirled News, but I also thought it would be rather fun to document my life in Portland by way of food!

There is no shortage of food or drink in Portland. Be it good or evil, "you will never go hungry in Portland," as my friend Claire says! Please join me as I eat and drink my way around Portland, OR!