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21 March 2010

Peet's Coffee & Tea

In the land of coffee, it is hard NOT to run into a great coffee shop on every corner. Each coffee shop has its own unique flavor to bring to the table, something that sets it apart from the others.

Peet's has a new Raspberry Mocha. It is beautiful. It is delicious. It is a little sip of heaven in a mostly-recycled paper cup. It is chock-full of coffee (you call the shots), laden with chocolate, and hinted with raspberry. You better get whipped cream on top, because they drizzle this bright, yummy berry sauce all over it, and you cannot live without this drizzle!

Another of Peet's unique must-haves is their salted caramel. It's a dark chocolate truffle, filled with a lightly salted caramel filling. Rock salt sprinkles the top - make sure to savor the rock salt, it makes ALL the difference!

Their raspberry preserve scones are worth a try - the scone is crisp, and the preserves are sweet!

Raspberry mocha: 3 (approx)
Salted caramel: 2 (approx)
Raspberry preserve scone: 2.9


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