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20 March 2010

Arabian Breeze

There is a Middle Eastern restaurant on NE Broadway called Arabian Breeze. They serve authentic food from Syria, Lebanon and other nearby countries, the recipes and preparation of which have been handed down through the Arabian Breeze family for years.

All meals come with a wide circle of flat bread, hung on a short stand on the table. Think of it as a giant, thick tortilla. I would recommend getting hummus or some sort of dip to come with it! My party got Baba Ganush -- a pureed smoked eggplant, much like hummus, actually, except with a great wood-smoked flavor.

I was excited about their menu, because I discovered a food I had not eaten since I was in Ecuador, and I ate these ALL the time at night downtown in Quito: Chicken Shawarma! Not an Ecuadorian food, by the way. Shawarma is a roasted chicken wrap, with veggies, and a white garlic cream sauce on the side. Mmm. This chicken was flavored with a pungent array of Middle Eastern spices.

This is Dad's lamb kebab, with yellow rice. It was well-done lamb, and the rice was smooth.
This was Kefteh, a strong lamb meatloaf:
And this! This, my friends, is pistachio cheesecake. It was delicious. The crust was not overly crumbly, but very sweet, and the cheesecake was smooth, and delicately green and pistachio-flavored. It was a big piece -- I definitely recommend sharing. My low-carb, low-cholesterol-watching party didn't help me much.

Chicken Shawarma: 10.75
Lamb Kebab: 12
Kefteh: 13
Pistachio cheesecake: 7


( Team Kill ) said...

I had a large party there a few months ago and it was fantastic! It was a simple thing, but what pleased me the most was that the flat bread, didn't get hard and crusty. Other places I've been that serve giant flat bread, it hardens up so quickly, it's a race against time to eat it all while it's warm and soft. The servers at Arabian Breeze were also reeeally accommodating and friendly. Glad to see this place getting some recognition!

(world cup roasters)

PDX Glutton said...

Thanks! Yeah, it was a great place!

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