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13 March 2010

Mr. Jolly's Coffee Bar

Since I do not have an iPhone with a Starbucks locator app (do they have those? Should I patent one if they don't?) I was forced to find alternative means of espresso on my way to Ten Thousand Villages this morning. What I discovered was Jolly.

Mr. Jolly, in fact! On NW Everett (and 9th, I believe!) there is a little cafe called Mr. Jolly's Coffee Bar. I was just in for a quick mocha, but they had some tantalizing pastries available, and also serve lunch, etc. There is a little sitting area, which is pleasantly located on the corner, and would make for good people-watching.

My barista was a man named Giuseppe, who was very generous with the espresso, and had the coolest accent!

I'll be back for lunch sometime soon!

Mocha: 3.5 (double shot espresso)


Arrmand said...

A really good read mm coffee might visit Nero today.

PDX Glutton said...

Thanks! Mmm coffee is right!

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