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16 March 2010

Cupcake Jones: "Velvet Painting"

I would like to thank Ten Thousand Villages for letting me volunteer with them, and in doing so, allowing me to explore the edible delights of the Pearl District!

Today I was looking for a tasty, lightning-quick, relatively cheap snack to grab on the way to TTV. I was lured to Cupcake Jones - a teeny shop by Ben and Jerry's on NW 10th and Everett. There were at least 7 women crowded into the little space inside the door, making me suspect that this WAS the place to be. I immediately decided on the "Velvet Painting" cupcake -- I absolutely adore red velvet cake!

Cupcake Jones offers cupcakes in two sizes: tiny, and huge. The tiny ones are just bite-sized bitties that you can pop in your mouth and still carry on a decent conversation. The huge ones are cream-filled, berry-filled, any-scrumptious-thing-filled. The price difference is not bad, either, so of course, I went with the huge one. It was filled with a thin, mild cream, and topped with a hefty swirl of cream cheese frosting, and a sugared rose petal. I know! I'm getting into my Redwall groove, here, but I'm serious. A sugared rose petal -- and it was good! Can someone tell me if they sell those by the ton somewhere?

Also, on Tuesdays, part of your cupcake money goes to benefit a charity. Mine went to breast cancer.

Be sure to visit Cupcake Jones yourself, and look for more cupcake updates!

"Velvet Painting" cupcake: 3.25
(Miniature: 1.5)


Goddess of Everything said...

I love that place! Thanks for reminding me. I'll stop by next time I am in P-Town.

PDX Glutton said...

Hey! Maybe it could be when you visit me! :D

Britney said...


There's a really good place out in Newburg where all the Linfield folks go for their cupcakes. If you're ever up that way check out the Sweetest Thing Cupcakes.

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