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18 May 2010

Stickers Asian Cafe

While waiting around for a Joy Kills Sorrow concert, Dad and I decided to check out the delightful south end of Milwaukie ave in SE.

We chose, easily, the most colorful restaurant there: Stickers Asian Cafe. The brilliantly purple, green and pink place stands out invitingly. You can't help but want to go there.

Sticking to the theme, I ordered the Jaozi potstickers with shrimp. They came with soy sauce, and, a surprise from all the other potstickers I've had in my lifetime, they were not oily or greasy at all! They were very freshly made, and served with fresh onions and red peppers, made an all-around healthy-feeling meal.

Dad ordered the Street Satay Sampler with shrimp kebab, grilled chicken, marinated beef, and barbecued pork. The sampler came with little dishes of peanut sauce, soy sauce, ginger salad, and tamarin sauce, so you could try all the different meats with all the different sauces.

07 May 2010

Jake's Grill

You can't possibly review Portland's restaurant scene and not catch its second-oldest venue on at least one round! Jake's opened in 1892,

I ordered the Northwest Salmon and Halibut Saute. It was, seriously, the most succulent thing I have ever eaten. It was served with Shiitake and oyster mushrooms, infused with sherry and cream sauce, and topped with Oregon Hazelnuts, and raspberries. The rice it was served over was actually the most amazing part. I don't know what the spice was, but it was just perfectly salty and pungent, and when smothered with the sherry sauce, it was (can I say this online?) orgasmic. The fish, of course, was just barely seared into a state of "cooked," and the mushrooms burst with juices. Try a bite with one of the raspberries, tell me what you think!

Also on the PDX Glutton menu was clam chowder. It was awesome. And this is coming from the girl who thought Mo's clam chowder had it made.

I also had the pleasure of eating Jake's Upside Down Walnut Apple Pie, featuring a buttery walnut topping. It took two days to finish!