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04 March 2010

Trader Joe's : Oriental Rice Crackers

This is what needs to happen: you, readers, need to go to Trader Joe's, and get some of their Oriental Rice Crackers. They've got a few different brands. You can get wasabi-covered, less sodium-covered, etc. Whatever your needs are, rice crackers can fill them!

These crackers are little bite-sized crunchies, in various shapes and sizes. Watch out for the crescent moon-shaped ones -- they're spicy! But eat them anyway. I was just foreshadowing.

Tip: I recommend eating them in alternation with something chocolate. No, not because I think chocolate goes with everything -- though that is a good reason. Chocolate helps cool down the spicy ones, and just complements the soy salt flavor of the crackers! Try it!

Trader Joe's Oriental Rice Crackers: 4 (approx)


jessilyn said...

Gasp! Thank you for reminding me of these, they are salty sweet little morsels and I love the variety of shape to flavor, like runts candies
..or people.

PDX Glutton said...

Yay Jessilyn! I am glad you found me and I reminded you! :D

DJ said...

You really should try their soy rice cracker deals...they're about the size of a quarter and they are probably one of my favorite things to buy there! :D


PDX Glutton said...

Ooh, sounds really good! I will look for them the next time I am there! :D

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