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07 June 2010

Bagdad Theater and Pub

The Bagdad Theater and Pub is an installment of McMenamin's, located on Hawthorne St. It's a quick jaunt from the Hawthorne Theater, Imelda's Shoes, and Fred Meyer.

With a store front full of windows, the Bagdad opens its walls, tempting the summer breeze as its patrons enjoy some fresh air, inside and out. A cheery bar sits in the midst of all the fuss, providing the denizens of the Hawthorne thoroughfare with McMenamin's faithful microbrews.

Hands down, the best thing on PDX Glutton's menu today was the Ginger Mushroom Soup. It's not often that you run into a soup that simply delicious - just mushrooms, broth, and ginger spice. It literally made my mouth water -- and that never happens!

Also quite good was my little pizza: the Mediterranean Chicken. Garlic-roasted chicken, tomatos, garlic, kalamata olives, and fresh basil.

That's Dad's Ruby ale in the background -- I had an iced coffee (hey, I had to work at 2!)

Mediterranean Chicken Pizza: 9 (mini)

Ginger Mushroom Soup of the Day: 3.9 (bowl)

18 May 2010

Stickers Asian Cafe

While waiting around for a Joy Kills Sorrow concert, Dad and I decided to check out the delightful south end of Milwaukie ave in SE.

We chose, easily, the most colorful restaurant there: Stickers Asian Cafe. The brilliantly purple, green and pink place stands out invitingly. You can't help but want to go there.

Sticking to the theme, I ordered the Jaozi potstickers with shrimp. They came with soy sauce, and, a surprise from all the other potstickers I've had in my lifetime, they were not oily or greasy at all! They were very freshly made, and served with fresh onions and red peppers, made an all-around healthy-feeling meal.

Dad ordered the Street Satay Sampler with shrimp kebab, grilled chicken, marinated beef, and barbecued pork. The sampler came with little dishes of peanut sauce, soy sauce, ginger salad, and tamarin sauce, so you could try all the different meats with all the different sauces.

07 May 2010

Jake's Grill

You can't possibly review Portland's restaurant scene and not catch its second-oldest venue on at least one round! Jake's opened in 1892,

I ordered the Northwest Salmon and Halibut Saute. It was, seriously, the most succulent thing I have ever eaten. It was served with Shiitake and oyster mushrooms, infused with sherry and cream sauce, and topped with Oregon Hazelnuts, and raspberries. The rice it was served over was actually the most amazing part. I don't know what the spice was, but it was just perfectly salty and pungent, and when smothered with the sherry sauce, it was (can I say this online?) orgasmic. The fish, of course, was just barely seared into a state of "cooked," and the mushrooms burst with juices. Try a bite with one of the raspberries, tell me what you think!

Also on the PDX Glutton menu was clam chowder. It was awesome. And this is coming from the girl who thought Mo's clam chowder had it made.

I also had the pleasure of eating Jake's Upside Down Walnut Apple Pie, featuring a buttery walnut topping. It took two days to finish!

29 April 2010

Papa Haydn's

On my friend Katie's recommendation, we walked all the way across town to this little cake-and-coffee place near Trendy-Third street. They have a most excellent display of cakes in their front dining area, and soon after we arrived, I ditched my boring, yellow, 2D menu in favor of drooling on the cake case.

^This is Katie and her Turtle Cheesecake! Several hours later After much deliberation, I decided on a Baked Alaska. It sounded the biggest, and weirdest. It was a layered confection of dulce de leche and chocolate ganache, banana ice cream and bruleed meringe on a vanilla sponge cake base.

This thing was ginormous, I tell you! Each layer was like two inches thick, and as wide as a pizza slice. By the time Katie was done, I was still left with a good half pound of sugar on my plate. To gorge, or not to gorge: that is the question. It should be Papa Haydn's motto.

I definitely recommend Papa Haydn's. There are so many more things to try, I'll be back!

22 April 2010

Pata Negra

My friend Claire has been wanting to go on a Tapas Tour of Portland for a while, now. Well, we haven't quite made it yet, but our tour starts now, with Pata Negra.

The place is beautifully painted, has good light, and friendly, helpful staff. Though Tapas is traditionally a Spanish, well, tradition, the menus were mercifully translated. (I myself am fluent in Spanish, but I assume that most of you are not).
Tapas are an assortment of appetizers, which you mix and match to create your own unique meal. Tapas are not to be eaten in solitude, so bring friends. Rich friends, preferably. ;) Close your eyes, point to the menu a couple times, get some wine, and tuck in!

At Pata Negra, I had the pleasure to try the weirdest, most delicious appetizer I've ever heard of: datiles con jamon. In normal people words, that means: sauteed dates wrapped in bacon and drizzled with date sauce. It was heavenly, and I aim to re-create it myself one of these days. I got the "recipe" from our waiter.

We also had Boquerones Rebozados -- the only time in my life I've ever had anchovies. They were fried to a light crisp in olive oil.

Calamares Fritos followed, as well as Champinones al Ajillo (Sauteed Mushrooms), Pato ( deliciously tender pieces of duck), and Rollitos de Berenjena, a smoky grilled eggplant rolled around goat cheese.

These tapas ranged in price from about 6.5 (the rollitos) to 10.75 (the pato).

16 April 2010

Thanh Thao

Thanh Thao is a great little Thai place on SE Hawthorne st. I baited back and forth, trying to decide whether I wanted to try something new and different, or just go with the delicious-every-time Pad See Ew.

In the end, I chose the Pad See Ew. It was perfect, hit the spot (my stomach, that is). The noodles were huge, though! It was like Pad See Ew with lasagna noodles.

Other than that, it was pretty typical Thai fare.

10 April 2010

Chicken Roast w/ Onions

This delicious dinner was made by my host mother, if you will. Humongo chicken breasts pan-roasted with onions, carrots, mushrooms, and all sorts of delectables. The whole thing was flavored with balsamic vinegar and oil.

She paired this with a great green salad: avocados, red bell peppers, and mushrooms! Mmmm!

08 April 2010

Tomissan Marinade Pork Chops

Tomissan contacted me on Twitter, asking if I would like to try their Thai Issan Style Marinade. I said, "Psh, duh!"

So, they sent me a whole bottle of the stuff! I went to the nearest Whole Foods Market (Fremont) and got a few boneless pork chops to fry up. I applied a liberal amount (I'm a liberal, that's how I do everything!) of marinade to the chops in a bowl. I used about a half a cup, ultimately.

The instructions on the bottle say to marinate the meat for at least 20 minutes, but I ended up soaking them for about an hour, and my dad says he wouldn't mind if they were marinated overnight. It all depends on the flavor you want!

We sauteed some mushrooms and onions in with the sauce and the chops, and served it with a green salad, and green beans, and french bread. It was delicious. The sauce was super sweet and tangy -- surprisingly sweet, actually, but it worked wonders with our onions and mushrooms!

You guys should definitely check out Tomissan -- you can find them on Twitter (@tomissan) or at their website: (or click on the link I provided up top. They are great people, and they make great Thai marinade. I will probably make some more with chicken or something in the future!

West Cafe

There's nothing to break the strain of apartment hunting like a nice pair of... crab fritters!

West Cafe is located downtown on 12th and... Salmon, or something. But I did not have salmon. I had the corn and dungeness crab fritters served with mango mustard drizzle!

These crab fritters were delectable -- not overly pureed, just fresh crab meat, held together with a light, crispy batter.

I was a little skeptical of the corn part, but it turned out nicely. The corn was fresh, and added a cool texture. The mango mustard was a great idea. I wish they sold it at Safeway... ;)

Dad ordered a roasted bell pepper and potato soup, which was slightly sweet, and creamy.

The cafe itself was sparkling and full of light, and very photogenic. Though it had the air of a fancy, high fa-looting restaurant, it was pretty decently priced. The waiter was also very professional, and friendly!

This is a great little spot for a Portland lunch downtown.
Corn and Dungeness Crab Fritters with Mango Mustard Drizzle: 9
Roasted Bell Pepper and Potato Soup: 3 (cup)

Greek Pasta at the Cousins'

My cousins invited me over for a great dinner:

A Greek pasta salad, with angelhair pasta, spinach, chopped tomatos, olives, onions, avocados, and of course, feta cheese! There was also yummy french bread, and white wine aplenty!

I showed up late enough that it was being served almost immediately. I had just enough willpower to take a photo of mine while it was still pretty before gobbling it up!

I spent the rest of the night taking photos of cousins with spaghetti noodles dripping down their chins, to put on Facebook. How devilish of me. :)

04 April 2010


Well, it is time for my first not-so-good review. Maybe it was my mood; I'd been at work all day, and I was pretty tired. Maybe it was the music; when you spend a whole Saturday working at Bi-Mart, the LAST thing you want to hear coming from a juke box at a restaurant is "One Is the Loneliest Number," or others of that ilk. Maybe it was the creepy marionettes dangling from the ceiling, heads drooping, arms sagging. Maybe it was because I should have just ordered an enchilada.

It was an... interesting place, to be sure. A classic example of "Keep Portland Weird." The decor was a kind of cross between an old Western cowboy theme, and vintage, "I Spy" book knickknacks.

The waitress, a pixie-haired hipster, gave us chips and salsa and water, and told us which specials they
didn't have. Another, darker-haired pixie hipster waitress took our order. I was sorely tempted to just get an enchilada. But, one good thing about this blog is that it makes me step outside my comfort zone for the sake of providing my readers with awesome new edibles, and cool photos (this is why I passed up Pad See Ew for Pineapple Fried Rice!) I decided to order the "Dirty Bird," which was described as roasted chicken breasts with chocolate mole sauce, mashed potatoes, and beans. What showed up was definitely not chocolate anything. It was chicken, slathered in a super spicy red sauce, of which I only ate 1/6th. After that, the mashed potatoes and beans were bland, and a bad mix (I would go at lunch when they serve rice as an option to this meal). When I told my boyfriend about this misadventure on the phone, he said, "You ordered something called "Dirty Bird?"" What did I expect?? Something else, I guess.

Dad's tamales (on the left, there) and the flan I ordered, however, were delicious. The flan was was super soaked with honey, and tasted like heaven.

So, all in all, I will probably go back, to give this place a second chance, but I will definitely NOT get the "Dirty Bird!"

31 March 2010

Almond Butter

Now, I will be modifying the point of this blog a little, since I am getting a new apartment that will be sucking my monthly money away like an industrial vacuum might -- it will now be more like PDX Glutton On a Budget.

However, while I am still living for free with a wonderful woman who shops at New Seasons. We bought this great stuff the other day -- almond butter!! It's delish. It's near the "grind your own" peanut butter, and it comes out the same way. You grind it fresh yourself. It has a great almond flavor, just a little more bitter than peanut butter, and definitely sweeter. It is super spendy, though, so make sure you really want it, or have a special occasion for it!

New Seasons Almond Butter: $8.99/lb

28 March 2010


As you get off the bus on the corner of NE Fremont and 42nd Ave, you are often haunted by the warm, baked pizza scent - it wafts across the parking lot, seeking people out, I swear!

I finally gave in to the aroma, and decided to check out the source: Pizzicato Pizza.

I had a delicious slice of a daily special: pesto Parmesan! It had a pesto sauce, with mozzarella cheese, strips of spinach, and jalapenos, I believe. It was mildly spicy, and very crispy.

Pizzicato, in addition to having great pizza, gives back to the neighborhood! They have a "Dough for Dollars" program, which gives 20% of a day's sales to participating Portland-area schools! Last year they gave over $46,000!

They also have bio-degradable cups (like the one in the photo) which are made out of recycled plant material, and they can be composted/recycled again! In my cup you see fresh strawberry lemonade!

Pizza: 3 (approx, /slice)
Lemonade: 2.5

26 March 2010

Sweet Basil

My housemate and I were obliged to eat Thai food the other night, when a friend stopped by on his way to a recording session in Salem, and suggested we visit over dinner. I'm kidding about the "obliged" part, of course -- I have to "oblige" people by NOT eating Thai food for dinner every night of the week!

Sweet Basil is a renowned restaurant in Portland, winning pick of the week several times, and making the Top 100 under several Portland restaurant lists. Located on NE Broadway, Sweet Basil boasts "The elegant side of Thai food."

However sorely tempted I was to get the Pad See Ew -- I think I'm addicted to it! -- I decided on something much more photo- and blog-worthy. Pineapple Fried Rice. What arrived on the table in front of me was an entire pineapple jack-o-lantern, stuffed with a pungent, pineapple-laden rice. Whole cherry tomatoes, shrimp, chicken, cashews, raisins and cilantro graced the dish with their presence. It was a great adventure through salty, sweet, and exotic grainland. There is also an item on the menu called "Hawaiian Fried Rice," which mentions the same ingredients, but not the pineapple jack-o-lantern.

For a drink, I ordered a Gewurtztraminer wine, from Montinore, OR. Sweet Basil describes it with "intense floral aromas with pink grapefruit and orange on the palate. Dry finish." Floral grapefruit is right! This is the best wine I've had anywhere so far. It was really mild, and sweet, and really smooth on the taste buds. I have a taste for really mild wine, however. So if you like your wine dry and tangy, I would suggest something else for you!

Pineapple Fried Rice: 15
Gewurtztraminer: 6

23 March 2010

Moonstruck: Pt. 2

After a dinner at Marrakesh, it's time for some chocolatey delights! And since Moonstruck is right there...

This, my friends, is a Razzleberry Cream Cone. It's filled with a French butter cream, and just the right hint of raspberry, making for a delicately pink, light, fluffy cream. It was hard to choose between all the chocolates! Moonstruck has all of their adorable chocolate animals out for Easter, and since I didn't know whether I wanted a mouse, or a bunny, or a ladybug; I chose a cream cone! Classic, right? Can't go wrong.

Razzleberry Cream Cone: 2.5


The extent of my experience with Moroccan food has been Moroccan Chicken Wraps at the Valsetz dining hall at Western Oregon University. They were ok. Lots of curry and raisins.

But this! Oh, I shall never eat Valsetz' Moroccan Chicken Wraps again!

My dad, my aunt, and I waited around for the restaurant Marrakesh to open. When it did, we entered a very, very dimly lit place. We were greeted by a short, friendly man wearing a tall red cap, and asked whether we would like to sit on the floor, or on the couch. We chose the floor. There were only short, beautifully inlaid tables, surrounded by colorful little mushroom seats stitched of leather, with the option of loud paisley couches against the walls. It's not a good idea to wear a short skirt, if you so wish to sit on a mushroom seat!

The walls were all carpeted, with beautiful patterns of red and blue, which contrasted magnificently with the couches. Looking up, draperies billowed from the ceiling. The only things I'm pretty sure have nothing to do with Morocco were the strings of miniature Christmas lights that scrambled along the walls.He brought us menus, and three white terrycloth towels. There's only one price for everything (unless you have 4+ people in your party). You choose a unique entree, and the rest is up to Marrakesh. I chose Tagine of Chicken Honey and Prunes.
Our waiter took our orders, then brought out a large, ornate copper pot and pitcher. He instructed us to hold our hands over the kettle, to wash them, as he poured warm water from the pitcher. Aha! That, my friends, are what the towels are for!
Our first course was lentil soup, which was brought in small blue bowls, without spoons. It was delectably spicy.

Our second course, which came with fresh squares of bread, was the salad. It was a diced cucumber, tomato, cilantro and spices, surrounding a scoop of beans. The bread was our silverware.The third course was by far the most interesting bit of the meal. Called B'stilla Royale, it was a round pastry of phyllo dough, stuffed with chicken, scrambled eggs, raisins, dates, and myriad Eastern spices. The top was dusted with powdered sugar, and criss-crossed with cinnamon. It was hard to decide to mess it up, just to eat it! But I'm glad we did. The way the phyllo dough crackles under your fingers is of the utmost satisfaction a person can have. Seeing your dad make a complete slobby mess of his side of the table with powdered sugar is also pretty satisfying.

Finally, our entrees arrived. Still no silverware, people! Isn't it great? I could eat an entire vat of Tagine of Chicken Honey and Prunes. The chicken was slathered with a mass of sticky, sweet prune sauce, and peppered with almonds. All manners in La La Land with the silverware, I dipped and double dipped and slurped as much prune sauce on my chicken as I could. I also had some of my aunt's lamb, and took a photo of Dad's Tagine Chicken Apricot.
The waiter brought out the pitcher again, and we rinsed our hands a second time. Then he brought out the final course: milk pudding with almonds on top. As amusing as it would be to tell you that we ate this, too, with our hands, I cannot. We did indeed have spoons for this last portion!
Marrakesh is a great restaurant. Completely different from anywhere I have been before, and well-worth the time and money!

3 people or less: 18.5 (your choice of entree, 5 course meal with soup, salad, b'stilla royale, and dessert))
4+ people: 20 (with daily specials)
8+ people: 30 (with a huge hunk of lamb - call three days in advance!)