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29 April 2010

Papa Haydn's

On my friend Katie's recommendation, we walked all the way across town to this little cake-and-coffee place near Trendy-Third street. They have a most excellent display of cakes in their front dining area, and soon after we arrived, I ditched my boring, yellow, 2D menu in favor of drooling on the cake case.

^This is Katie and her Turtle Cheesecake! Several hours later After much deliberation, I decided on a Baked Alaska. It sounded the biggest, and weirdest. It was a layered confection of dulce de leche and chocolate ganache, banana ice cream and bruleed meringe on a vanilla sponge cake base.

This thing was ginormous, I tell you! Each layer was like two inches thick, and as wide as a pizza slice. By the time Katie was done, I was still left with a good half pound of sugar on my plate. To gorge, or not to gorge: that is the question. It should be Papa Haydn's motto.

I definitely recommend Papa Haydn's. There are so many more things to try, I'll be back!


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