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08 April 2010

West Cafe

There's nothing to break the strain of apartment hunting like a nice pair of... crab fritters!

West Cafe is located downtown on 12th and... Salmon, or something. But I did not have salmon. I had the corn and dungeness crab fritters served with mango mustard drizzle!

These crab fritters were delectable -- not overly pureed, just fresh crab meat, held together with a light, crispy batter.

I was a little skeptical of the corn part, but it turned out nicely. The corn was fresh, and added a cool texture. The mango mustard was a great idea. I wish they sold it at Safeway... ;)

Dad ordered a roasted bell pepper and potato soup, which was slightly sweet, and creamy.

The cafe itself was sparkling and full of light, and very photogenic. Though it had the air of a fancy, high fa-looting restaurant, it was pretty decently priced. The waiter was also very professional, and friendly!

This is a great little spot for a Portland lunch downtown.
Corn and Dungeness Crab Fritters with Mango Mustard Drizzle: 9
Roasted Bell Pepper and Potato Soup: 3 (cup)


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