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15 April 2011

Papa Haydn's, of the Southeast Persuasion...

It is my sad duty to inform you that the Springwater Grill on SE Milwaukie is no longer in existence. I discovered this because we meant to go there, but it was gone!

Never fear. Papa Haydn's is just down the street to help you bear this sadness.

Like the Papa Haydn's I went to in the Pearl District, the restaurant's selection of desserts was very tantalizing. There was a 20-30 minute wait, so I had
plenty of time to sit and stare at the case full of cakes and crisps, crumbles and crunches.

When we were seated, I had no trouble picking out what I wanted. Rarely does this happen, but the Roasted Game Hen just reached out and grabbed me -- no, not literally. That would turn one's good restaurant into a particularly bad one, I'd say. But the game hen sounded like the perfect resolution to the day. And it was. I received a hefty shank of chicken -- er, do those come in shanks?-- that was roasted most succulently.

It also came with veggies and a triangular quiche, which was also quite good, especially when soaked with chicken gravy juice.

As for dessert (haha! You didn't think I'd go to Papa Haydn's and skip dessert, DID you?) I ordered the chocolate hazelnut torte, and was not remotely disappointed. The display was gorgeous, and the torte was excellent. Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, dustings of hazelnut all around, and scads of caramel to boot.


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