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21 April 2011

Coffee Poll

Hello, everyone!

I have come up with another idea for audience participation. This time it comes in the form of coffee shops.

Now, judging by the plethora of coffee shops in my neighborhood that I count to be among my personal favorites, I can guess that there is no way I could fit anything less than insulting in a "favorite coffee shops PDX" poll. So I won't even try.

Instead, I shall have you, the readers, vote for your favorite coffee shop(s) by way of leaving a comment just below, there, or sending a message to!

Here's a sample:

Favorite coffee establishment: Stumptown

Favorite drink from said establishment: Cappuccino

Favorite pastry from said establishment: Marionberry Brioche

Favorite thing (besides the brew) about said establishment: The way the windows are always steamed up, without fail. And if ever the sun comes out, it streams through the steamy windows. Also, the ever-changing chalk drawings on the Stumptown signboard outside. They're cool.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, this IS a challenge! I agree, Stumptown is definitely one of my top faves.

The best coffee I've had in Portland was at Spella Cafe downtown. You should go there.

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