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04 April 2011


So, I've heard a lot about the popular breakfast restaurant, Gravy. But never visited it before. A deterring number of horror stories about lines and waiting around an hour or more for a table have kept me at bay thus far. However, the prospect of a smoked salmon something-or-other made me change my mind!

As amazing as it sounds, all my mental preparations for the long, mundane queue were for nothing. Dad and I showed up, opened the door, and promptly received a table for two.
Not quite the Hollywood drama I was aiming for.

I tried to look at everything on the menu besides the smoked salmon. I really did. But it was no use. Dad had no luck on that front, either.
Not that the other items weren't intriguing - salmon is just *that* good.
I made up my own scramble with house smoked salmon, mushrooms, and green onions. Dad had a similar hash with salmon and assortments. And a side of gravy -- can't forget the gravy! Saaavory. Yum.

They serve breakfast all day - including variations on traditional breakfast foods like french toast, pancakes and yogurt and granola. Their coffee's pretty good, too.

As for the venue itself, you'll be happy to learn that sustainability and locale are priorities at Gravy. They have furnished the restaurant with recycled furniture and decor, making for a quirky little place. Funky gravy boats line the walls, and mismatched lamps shed some light at the bar. Most -- not all, but *most*-- of the food served is local and seasonal, creating a unique menu selection.

So, make plans to make it out to Gravy sometime! If it's a nice day, or a weekend, expect a waiting period for a table. But it's worth it!


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