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18 April 2011

Chai Yo

As a last-minute-right-before-you-board-a-7-hour-train-ride meal, I suggest: Pad See Ew.

Well, that's often my suggestion for... anything.


But it is one of my foods. I've considered going on a tour of all the Thai restaurants in Portland, just to compare their Pad See Ew. I'll let you know what I decide.

This version was pretty good. It wasn't very soupy, but the flavor didn't suffer any for that. It made for a nice, non-messy lunch (a fantastic feat for moi). The noodles were super wide, even for Pad See Ew.

I also had a tasty cabbage soup, which was even better with some pepper dashed into it. For an appetizer, I had deep-fried avocado egg rolls. Yummy!


Erin said...

I wouldn't mind a post on Pad See Ew comparisons in Portland!

A. A. Snook said...

So it is, then! Thanks for the comment! Keep your eyes peeled for more on Pad See Ew. :)

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