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02 May 2011

Arleta Library Cafe

On the hunt for brunch today, I stumbled upon this little place.

With a name like Library Cafe, I figured it oughta be good. Also, the promise of Stumptown coffee lured me right in.

The cafe is a cute little thing on SE 72nd and Harold, near Mt. Scott park. The walls are decorated with local art and library books, and there's a pleasant little nook at the front of the store, with a window bench.

They were out of Pane Dolce, so I went with their Portlander breakfast - scramble with mushrooms, Tillamook cheese, and bacon crumbles. The bacon was most excellent, guys. Also, the waitress brought me their homemade strawberry jam for my toast, and also their house ketchup for my fries. Let me just say, that was the best damn ketchup I have ever had. It was pasty thick, and sweeter than your usual out of a bottle -- really well done, you guys!


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