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29 March 2011

Microbrew Poll!

If you check out the right-hand side of your screen there, you will see an opportunity to vote for your favorite Oregon microbrewery (I know, I know! They're not all there - leave a comment if you don't see yours!) in my handy dandy poll.

I'm itching for some audience participatory action, here! So, set down your brew for a sec, and vote for it! This is me, setting down my seasonal Ninkasi "Spring Reign..."


Anonymous said...

Any love for Laurelwood?
- Just an outsider from Seattle

PDX Glutton said...

Of course! How could I have forgotten Laurelwood?? And I'm not exclusive - you like microbrews, you're an insider. :)

Mark said...

How about Fort George in Astoria or Block 15 in Corvallis. Great beer and food. But in the meanwhile, Ninkasi will do :)

Lonny said...

Fort George in Astoria has some excellent brews. my favorite is the Vortex IPA

PDX Glutton said...

I have not had the pleasure of trying any from Ft. George. Where might I try some -- barring driving up to Astoria, that is? ;)

Mark said...

The Vortex IPA and the 1811 Lager are available in cans in a beer store near you. I get mine in Corvallis at Corvallis Brewing Supply.

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