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26 March 2011

Chocolate Fest

I had the pleasure of attending this year's Annual Chocolate Fest at the Oregon Convention Center. It was foodie paradise: Wine, tea, chocolate martinis, bits of cupcake and truffles, and chocolate sauce at every turn.

After obtaining my "over 21" wristband (a crucial venture), I was faced with a choice: red velvet, or chocolate? This was at Cupcake Jones' booth, of course. (They let me have both).

From there, I met with a chocolate tree carving - a future career option, I think. The guy making it said he was going to make the leaves out of spun sugar to finish it off.

Another career change I considered making was that of the chocolate bunny girl. I am not sure how well I would like standing in public in my underwear, but getting painted with chocolate? Sign me up!

Stash Teas made an appearance, bringing along their selection of "chocolate" teas; chocolate mint oolong, and their chocolate hazelnut (a delightful tea, if I do say so myself).

Moonstruck Chocolates were there, of course, with their generous, generous samples of truffles. I just have to say this about Moonstruck: they are not stingy with their chocolate. You walk into any of their establishments, and they offer you samples out the wazoo. Not dinky ones, either. Whole half truffles, people. Check them out.

Noble Estate Vineyards had a delicious Moscato for us to try, and Intrigue Chocolates had a Balsamic truffle that was fabulous! I love balsamic vinegar. And it totally works in that truffle. Taste Chocolate also had a chocolate Balsamic vinegar, which was very tasty. If you get the chance: try balsamic vinegar and chocolate!

Stirs The Soul had a great selection of organic, weird chocolate. Salted, chili powder-infused, orange-infused, great stuff. I was happy to see the Wallowa Lake Fudge Company there - I grew up in E.O., and have tasted their fudge many a time growing up and going to the lake. Glad they could make it out.

I am grateful to the Seely Family Farm and their refreshing mint brew - saviors to us all! After thirty solid minutes of chocolate and cake and truffles and sauce and custard, cold mint tea fits the bill perfectly.

Another possible career change I came upon was chocolate painting. Yes. There were some of the most beautifully painted truffles there at Chocolate Fest. Gold-flaked, swirly, sparkly, polka-dotted... Oh, to spend the rest of my days painting chocolates.

We topped off the day with hot chocolate from a European-style drinking chocolate company aptly named "Sipping Dreams" and with a round of chocolate martinis from Pralines Leonidas.

Not bad if I do say so myself.

Is your mouth watering? ;)


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