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28 March 2011


After attending a talk by Sam Harris on morals and ethics, our troop headed over to Cassidy's to get some of their marionberry creme brulee. I am not usually a huge fan of creme brulee, finding it a bit bland for my taste, but this...

This creme brulee was marvelous - the best *bleeping* creme brulee I've ever had. The marionberry was infused into the custard itself, and the torched top was really thick - a very satisfying CRACK with a spoon, I must say. Here it is, in all its crimson-colored glory:

With the brulee, I had a Spire Mountain Apple Cider - delicious.

So, the moral (haha! A joke!) of the story is: if you ever attend a lecture on morals and ethics downtown, head on over to Cassidy's afterward to rehash and debate, and to get some dessert!


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