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27 March 2011


On a quest for Indian food in downtown Portland, Dad and I discovered this little place instead. Habibi serves Lebanese cuisine. The place was mostly empty, and we were greeted by low lighting, and Shakira music.

I tried the Spinach Pie, and Turkish Coffee. The Spinach Pie was gorgeous, and very different. Besides spinach, it was made with some herbs, lemon, and pine nuts, which gave it a very tangy flavor. It's a good vegetarian option, and it was also pretty tasty with some of Dad's lamb.

The Turkish coffee came in a nifty little pot (as you can see) and though it wasn't very thick, it was pretty strong (if you're a wimp) and very, very sweet.

I believe Habibi has two locations: SW 10th and Morrison, and SW 3rd and Pine. Try them out! They're authentic and delicious. And they serve pretty food.


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