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25 February 2010


I know Starbucks is not a new concept for people, but how can you blog about Portland drinkery without it??

I LOVE STARBUCKS. I cannot begin to gush enough about it. Their coffee is the best. Try their peppermint mocha. I tried it one Christmas, and I've been hooked for years! Their chai lattes are delectably spicy, and their scones are delicious. If you haven't tried their Cranberry Bliss Bar, go do so now!

On top of great coffee and scrumptious pastries, Starbucks is pretty much the least-evil corporation ever. They really put back into into the world. They use fair trade coffees that support farmers and ensure quality, organic coffee. They support people in need by donating proceeds for things like Ethos Water, and they are committed to the conservation of the earth, through communities like the African Wildlife Foundation, Conservation International, and scientific studies like Earthwatch International.

All in all, great coffee, great food, great company. And there's one on every corner. :)


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