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16 February 2010

Fish Tacos with Cousins!

This is why I moved to Portland! No, not fish tacos. Family! Though fish tacos don't hurt. :)

My older cousins invited me to their apartment, that they share with each other and their husbands (isn't that nice of them?), to have dinner and chat. It's a beautiful apartment near PSU, and I'm jealous. :) I helped them chop veggies, and enjoyed a myriad of marital and sibling banter about everything from the (too) spiciness of the pico de gallo to "whose old piece of bread is
still sitting in the oven??" Quite entertaining.

They put out (despite multiple comments about "never cooking") Baked white fish our grandpa would be proud of, a spicy pico de gallo of tomato, cilantro, lime, beans, and peppers, mayo sauce with lime and peppers, and sour cream and avocados to top it off! "I'm so glad you came to visit," one of my cousins-in-law said. Me too! :)

I know that doesn't help the general populous, but it was definitely a meal worth mentioning! :)


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