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19 February 2010

Alameda Brewhouse

The Alameda Brewhouse is cherished by the locals of NE Portland, from its cheery interior to its monster-sized hop strobile, beautifully crafted of metal, which graces the facade of the pub.

At the Alameda Brewhouse, they have superb salmon. Three of my party of four got a dish of it. I fell for the salmon tortellini -- which was a buttery-delicious delight! The salmon was perfect -- it tasted like my great-grandfather had just walked across its back -- that is, fresh and untainted.

I tried a sip of their house cherry ale. I didn't end up getting it (I'm afraid I'm not one for beer). But the smell was incredible -- like cherries! And the flavor was pretty light, and sweet. Their strawberry lemonade was pretty good, though, and they have an extensive selection of mixed drinks, both chilled and hot.

I'll be back!

Onion Rings: 7.9
Salmon Tortellini: 15 (approx.)
Lemonade: 2.5


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