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24 February 2010

Moonstruck Chocolate: pt. 1

Oh, divine chocolate!

I happened upon Moonstruck Chocolate today as I waltzed down "Trendy-third" street in NW Portland, looking for employment (I found some in the gutter, but it was stuck). Dad and I decided to take a look. After mulling over the little chocolate mice and rabbits, the miniature pyramids, the golden flakes, the dark chocolate ribbons, the cream cones, and the sparkling white globes, nestled into their displays, we decided: Conquistador Hazelnut Praline for Dad, Raspberry Chambord Truffle for me. The guy insisted we have a free sample, too -- Clear Creek Pear Brandy Truffle.

This is called "Moonstruck Chocolate: part 1" for a reason. I suspect a few (hundred) parts to follow!

The Raspberry Chambord was, as I'd imagined, the best. Firstly, it was adorable, since it had a little pink flower sprinkle at the very top centre, and secondly, it had more berry flavor than chocolate, which is exactly how things should be in the world. More berries, more chocolate. Or something like that. :)

The Pear Brandy grew on me. At first, it seemed like it had too much brandy (couldn't hold it's drink, huh?) but after a few seconds, the chocolate kicked in, and I realized that they must have set it on a perfect timer or something, because it was an awesome experience!

Sorry I didn't take photos, The chocolates were half-masticated by the time I remembered. ;)

Raspberry Chambord Truffle: 2 (approx)
Conquistador Hazelnut Praline: 2 (approx)
(Free Sample) Clear Creek Pear Brandy Truffle: free, duh! Thank you, to the shaggy dark-haired guy who works at MSC on NW 23rd!


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