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06 September 2011

Salt and Straw: ice cream like you've never had it...

So this place just opened up a couple, few weeks ago up on NE Alberta St. I heard that they had some rather interesting ice cream choices - my hearsay coming from people who had ordered flavors such as Pear and Bleu Cheese, and Three Berry Barbecue (baked beans, to be exact).

So, on a September day such as this, it seemed like a perfect idea to pick up my lovely cousin Kate (also featured here), and her two and a half month-old baby, Xavier, and take them out for ice cream. Isn't he darling?

It's a cute little shop, very rustic, with all sorts of old ice cream cans and wooden crates and churns and such.

Indeed, there was Pear and Bleu Cheese, and Three Berry Barbecue. I sampled some of their Lemon Basil Sorbet (which I will get an entire scoop of, upon my return) and ordered a scoop of their Honey Balsamic Strawberry with Cracked Pepper. Dad ordered the Pomegranate Vinegar milkshake (they also offer "drinking vinegars," which I shall also have to try). Kate had a dish of Banana Walnut with Spicy Monkey Caramel.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you check this place out, probably several times, as you'll most likely want to try everything!


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